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The Gulf County Supervisor of Elections Office is offering our voters a new service to track the status of your Vote-By-Mail ballot.  You may check the status of your ballot and /or register to receive notifications by text, email and voice by clicking below.

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We are open …..

Effective May 4, 2020 the Gulf County Supervisor of Elections Office re-opened to the public.  In an effort to protect our voters and our employees we continue to practice recommended social distancing guidelines.  While our lobby is open for business we are limiting access to only four (4) persons at a time in the lobby area.   In order to maintain a minimum of six (6) feet separation between all parties, we are able to serve two (2) members of the public at one time, while allowing two (2) others to wait in designated areas.

Please be reminded, that for your safety and convenience, most transactions can be conducted using one of or a combination of methods including, the US mail, calling us at 850.229.6117 or through our online portal at  Remember our staff is here to assist you when using any of these methods.

Additionally as the 2020 election season approaches we encourage our voters to take advantage of the Vote-By-Mail option.  Vote-By-Mail provides a safe and reliable method to cast your ballot and have your vote counted on Election Day.  Requesting a Vote-By-Mail ballot is as easy as calling us at 850.229.6117 or going to our online portal at and selecting the option to request a Vote-By-Mail ballot.  When using Vote-By-Mail you will receive your ballot through the mail and vote your ballot in the convenience and privacy of your own home.  When you complete your ballot you will simply return it in the provided certification envelope following the instructions you received with your ballot.   After signing and dating the certification envelope you may return it to the Supervisor of Elections Office by mailing it, delivering it in person, or having someone else deliver it for you.  Just remember to return your ballot as soon as possible to guarantee that we receive it in time to be counted.  Currently we must receive your ballot by 7:00 PM ET on election day to be counted.

We look forward to serving you during this election season and wish for you and your families continued health and well-being.